Report a problem with commercial waste and recycling collections

Please read the following information before starting this form

Use this form to report a problem with your commercial waste or recycling collections.

Damaged bin - If you are reporting that your bin has been damaged / needs repairing or replacing please do not continue with this form please contact our commercial waste team

Before reporting a missed bin please make sure you have the right day and correct bin ready for collection. You should also check our Today's collections page to see if any problems have been reported.

  • Report a missed collection after 4pm on collection day as the crews may still be out working until this time.  Reports logged before 4 may not be actioned.
  • Report a missed bin within 2 working days of your scheduled day or we won't be able to come back until the next collection.
  • If you have already reported your bin as missed please allow five working days before contacting us again.

We will not return to empty your bin if

  • it is not accessible when we visit - your bin must be accessible from 7am
  • you present the wrong bin for emptying
  • it contains incorrect materials and has been stickered by our crew
  • it is too heavy to move
  • you report it missed more than 2 working days after collection was due
  • the contents of your bin are frozen and won't come out when we tip the bin

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